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Aqua Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract Mask Pack 

(10ea/ 1 Pack)
(Moisturizing Bomb)

"Experience the Ultimate Skin Revival with Ceramine's Hydrating Sheet Mask!"

Unlock the secret to radiant, refreshed skin with Ceramine's daily sheet mask. Our potent formula features a powerhouse trio of ingredients: Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Ceramide, all infused into a plant-based eucalyptus sheet. Say goodbye to tired and dull skin as this mask works its magic with immediate soothing and moisturizing effects. Welcome the glow and maintain that coveted balanced skin condition!

Ceramine, the renowned Korean skincare brand, bridges the gap between nature's gentle touch and cutting-edge science. Frustrated with short-lived cosmetic results, Ceramine was born to harness the finest nutrients from natural sources through advanced scientific techniques. It's your ticket to enduring skincare, a true gift from nature.

Main Features

Featuring Hyaluronic Acid and the precious Chamaecyparis Obtusa extract from Korea, this calming mask pack swiftly quenches dry skin, leaving you with a hydrated, luminous complexion.

🌿Deep Moisturization: Intensively hydrates, adheres closely to the skin, and calms your complexion.
🌱Ceramine's Signature 100% Phytoceramide Formula: Unlike chemical synthesis, our masks mirror the skin's natural protective layer, promoting natural hydration balance. Lock in moisture with a skin-loving network structure.
🌲Skin Barrier Reinforcement: Ceramide strengthens the skin barrier, rebuilds cells, and forms a protective shield against environmental stressors. Ideal for irritated skin.
☘️Acne Care: Korean cypress (CHAMAECYPARIS OBTUSA) leaf extract effectively combats acne-prone skin, preventing the growth of Acne bacillus and controlling clogged pores.
🍃Sodium Hyaluronate Brilliance: This skin conditioner, akin to a moisture magnet, keeps your skin hydrated and prevents moisture loss. Enjoy smoother, more elastic skin with improved nutrition metabolism.

    Skin Benefits Galore: Achieve glowing skin with these added benefits!
    • ✅ Skin Healing & Regeneration
    • ✅ Allergy Relief
    • ✅ Skin Calming
    • ✅ Reinforced Moisture Barrier

    Elevate your skincare routine with Ceramine's Hydrating Sheet Mask - your path to luminous, healthy skin! 💧

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 89 reviews
      Thierry Dupont

      I don't like sticky mask but It is not sticky at all. I really love it.

      Thank you for your feedback, Thierry. We'll consider your comment about the scent.

      Helena Schmidt

      This mask soothes my skin and provides excellent moisture.

      Thank you, Helena! We're happy to hear it's soothing and moisturizing.

      Fatima Al-Mansoori

      This mask has really helped clear up my acne.

      Thank you, Fatima! We're glad it's working well for your acne-prone skin.

      Sandeep Patel

      Nice mask, but it could fit a bit better.

      Thank you for your feedback, Sandeep. We'll work on improving the fit.

      Carla Hernandez

      My skin feels so plump and hydrated after using this mask.

      Thank you, Carla! We're delighted to hear you're enjoying the hydration.

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