What is Small Influencer Support Program?

  • CERAMINE will provide you with newly launched products for free (You will only pay a flat rate of shipping fee $9)


  1. Develop your beauty influencer career with Ceramine
  2. Become a larger Influencer; grow your following
  3. Let us help you grow your subscribers/followers
  4. Opportunities for future collaboration with Ceramine 

Requirements for the program:

  1. Must have 1000+ subscribers on your YouTube channel
  2. Must make a purchase (Influencer Kit) at WWW.CERAMINE.US
  3. Make your own video and upload on to your YouTube channel
  4. Video length must be at least 3 minutes

How To Apply?

  1. Purchase an Influencer Kit 
  2. Email us [support@ceramine.us]with your information:
  • First and Last Name, Email, YouTube link